Control room and simulator advisory

• Lifecycle Simulator is about using dynamic simulation continuously from early design studies, through engineering, testing / validation and then training and training of personnel.


• Involvement as early as possible is the best way to ensure that critical decisions, especially those made early in the project, can be validated by qualified and experienced key personnel.


The use of a simulator to test and remove faults in production facilities before start-up, verify initial start-up procedures and documentation is a safe and very cost-effective way to reduce both technical risk and financial uncertainty.

Simulator operational readiness and assurance process
Lifecycle simulator

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opplæring i kontrollrom

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Kontrollrom og simulato


PXO operates more than 10 process simulators for customers today and assists several companies with services around simulator. This is both within the Oil and Gas-  and other process industries.

Simulator training is an effective and relevant training and secures efficient operations in all phases:

System startup/shutdown, normal operations, process optimization,  emergencies.

PXO offers a different simulator concept.

Focus is on expanding the use of simulator applications.


PXO offers experienced
advisors/consultants with background
from oil and gas industry and
from aviation simulator training.

  • Concept


  • Simulator Strategy

  • Establishing simulator culture

  • Training programs

  • Operation of process- and engineering simulators

  • Assessment and Certification

  • Remote  services